Rivers of Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan


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Lakes-in-pakistan & Rivers of Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan

There are 24 rivers of Pakistan.

Barhamputra is longest river in sub-continent.

Indus river rises from Tibet.

Seven rivers flow in Baluchistan.


Hingol is longest river in Baluchistan Province .

Four rivers flow in Sindh Province .

Indus river end at Arabian sea.

Pnjkora river is located in NWFP province.


Fiver rivers flow in Punjab province .

Bolan river is located in province of Baluchistan.

Eight rivers flow in NWFP Province.

Jehlum and Chenab rivers meat at Trimmu.


Baran river is located in Sindh province.

Dast river is located in province of Baluchistan.

Porali river is located in Baluchistan province.

Gomal and Kuram rivers are in NWFP.


Rukshan river flow in Baluchistan .

Swam river is important river of Salt range.

Chaj Doab is located between Chenab and Jehlum .

Rachna Doab is located between Ravi and Chenab.


five rivers of Punjab enter at kot Mitthan.

Other name of Indus river are.

Abaseen River (Daryoon ka Bap).

Attock river.


Skardu river..

Ravi is smallest river in Pakistan.

Ravi is most dirty rivers of Pakistan.

indus river  is longest river in Pakistan.

Total length of  indus river is 2900 Kilo meters.


1165500 sq.km is area of the Pakistan that Indus river drains.

Indus river also called Nile of Pakistan .

Total length of Ravi river is 725 Kilo meters.

Harrapa (old city) city is situated on bank of Ravi.


Bari Doab is located between the rivers of Ravi and Bias.

Sindh Sagar Doab is located between the rivers of Jehlum and Indus.

The area under the chaj Doab known as Nili Bar.

Ganj Bar is the area between the rivers of Rabi and Sutlej.


Land regions of Abbotabad, Rawalpindi Jehlum and Muzaffargarh are known as Sindh  saggar Doab.

Kabul river is located in the province  NWFP.

The Bari Doab cannal originates from the river of ravi.

Kabul River falls into Indus river.


Wular lake control the flow of Jehlum river.

Tributaries of the Punjab region are

Jhelum and Chenab.


Beas and Sutlej.


Sukar is city from where Indus begins its deltaic stage and breaks into many distributaries .

Ravi river originates from Himachal Paradesh .

Zhob and Mula rivers are located in Potwar Plateau.

Are some information about


lakes in Pakistan


lulusar lake is located in Kaghan valley.

Kenjher lake is located near Thata .

Hummune Mashkhel lake is located in Baluchistan.

Phander lake is located in NWFP.


Manchar lake is found in Dadu District.

Famous lake lake saiful muluk is situated in Kaghan.

lake saiful muluk  is most beautiful lake in Pakistan .

Manchar lake is largest lake in Pakistan , machar lake is one of largest fresh water lake in South Asia.


Dal lake is located in area of Sri Nagar.

Hummune Mashkhel is a lake which means Dry lake.

Hammun e lora is name of Balochistani lake.

Hina lake is located in Quetta.


Hub lake is situated near Karachi.

Haleji lake is situated in sindh.

Kachura lake is situated in skardu.

keenjhar lake is man made largest lake of Pakistan.


Kallar kahar lake is situated in chakwal .

Rawal lake is situated in Islamabad.

Haleji lake is also called Paradise of Birds.

Lotus lake is located in Islamabad.

Dal lake is famous for its beauty in Jammu and Kashmir.



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