Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Janah

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Janah

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali janah is founder of Pakistan,  he was a great leader ,
this single article can’t cover all aspect of his life .
Aim of this article  to prepare  important Question and their answer which are
asked in competitive exams about our great leader and founder of Pakistan .

Quaid e Azam

quaid e azam
Quaid e Azam

A brief history of quaid e azam

quaid e azam day is 25 December .

quaid e azam was born on December 25, 1876 in Karachi .

quaid e azam got his early education at sindh madarssah-tul-islam , after that he was shifted to church mission high school.


quaid e azam joined Lincoln’s inn to become youngest Indian barrister.

In 1910 quaid e azam was elected by Bombay Muslims to newly constituted imperial legislative council .
Muslims league was established in 1906 , and he joined in 1913.

quaid e azam was leader who remained member of both congress and Muslim league.
quaid e azam resigned from congress in 1920.


quaid e azam was leader to whom title of Ambassdor of Hindu Muslim unity was given.

In 1928 quaid azam pledged for incorporation of basic muslim demands in the Nehru report.

In 31st march 1929 quaid azam presented his fourteen points.

In 1930 quaid azam participated in the round table conference in London.


In 1931 quaid azam went into self-exile in London due to following reasons .
(a) Due to negative attitude of congress.
(b) Due to chronic disunity in Muslim ranks.

quaid azam came back to India in 1934 on the fervent appeal of Muslims.


quaid azam took up the leadership of Muslims in 1934.

In December 22,1939 appealed to the people to observe the day of Deliverance .

quaid azam was who presided over annual session of muslim league on 23rd march 1940.

He was who said “The Quit india movement ,in fact , is s conspiracy to establish Hindu raj and to finish Muslim demands ”.


He was who rejected proposal of having a joint Governor General of Pakistan and he was first governor General of Pakistan .

At 15th august 1947 , he took oath as the first Governor General of Pakistan.
quaid azam Formed new cabinet with Liaquet Ali khan.


quaid azam died at 11th September 1948 in Karachi , before his death , he stayed in Ziarrat .
In September 1941 quaid e azam raise the slogan of “Faith , Unity and Discipline”.

Gandhi raised the slogan of “Quit India” and Quid e azam raised slogan of Divide and Quit.

Some beautiful pictures of our great leader

quaid e azam
Quaid e Azam
quaid azam
Quaid Azam

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