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 PPSC Past Papers

PPSC past paper for post of assistant food controller

ppsc past paper for post of excise and taxation department

ppsc past paper for post of induction of assistant.

ppsc past paper for post of ASI Punjab Police 

PPSC Past for post of Naib Telsildar

ppsc pasp paper for post of labour inspector_

Written test for recruitment to the post of naib tehsildar 

written test for post of inspector cooperative soc 

PPSC Traffic wardens BS14 -2014.

post of Social Security.

post of assistant sub inspector (BS-9) 2011 .

Past paper for Ministry of Defence.

MCQ Test For Recruitment to the Post of Account Of

Labour Officer BS16

Labour Officer BS16 2011


Assistant Sub-Inspector police (Bs-09) from among

PPSC Past Paper For Post of Labor Inspector

Time Allowed 2 Hours

Max Marks : 100

All Questions have four options but for some reason I’m just writing Question and his ans.

Q 1 : Rohtas Fort was built on the order of Sher Shah Suri by?

Ans : Raja Todar Mal.

Q2 :The Famous Babar name authored by Emperor Babar was written in which language ?

Ans : Chagatai.

Q3: All india Muslim students federation was formed in 1937 by :

Ans : Raja Sahib of Mehmudabad.

Q4 : Bengal was divided in 1905 during the time of?

Ans : Lord Curzon.

Q5 : Syhlet District at the time of partition was part of the province?

Ans : Assam.

Q6 : The first commander in Chief of Pakistan army was?

Ans : General Sir Frank Messervy.

Q7 : The first chief minister of Punjab after creation of Pakistan was.?

Ans : Sir Sikandar Hayat Khan.

Q8: The national language of Pakistan is ?

Ans : Urdu.

Q9 : The official language of Pakistan is ?

Ans : Both Urdu and English.

Q10: The tune of the national anthem of Pakistan was composed by ?

Ans : Ahmad G. Chagla.

Q 11: Hazara Division of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa   Province comprises five district including Abbotabad , Battagram , Kohistan , Mansedra and ?

Ans : Mardan.

Q12 : The predominant language spoken in Hazara resion is:?

Ans : Hindko.

Q13 : 28TH May is celebrated each year as Yaum e Takbeer because of which incident?

Ans: Nuclear test were conducted by Pakistan.

Q14 : Machmon’s line is the border b/w?

Ans : Inida and china.

Q15:  The world’s longest river is ?

Ans : Nile.

Q16: The capital of Xinjiang Uygur Autonomous R region of China is:?

Ans : Urumqi .

Q17: Mullah do piazza was?

Ans : One of nine gems from the court of Emperor Akbar.

Q18: The epic  Talism e Hoshurba was originally composed by ?

Ans : Muhammad Hussain Jah.

Q19: Southern cross which is a constellation found in the southern region of the night sky consist of ?

Ans : Four Stars.

Q20: The capital of new Zealand is ?

Ans : Wellington.

Q21: The first Pakistani to hoist the Pakistan flag at the north and south pole is?

Ans : Namira Salim.

Q22: The first climber from Pakistan to have scalled Mt. Everest on May 17,200 was:

Ans : Nazir Sabir.

Q: Qantas airline is the airlines of ?

Ans : Australia .

Q : The world’s top most tea importing country is ?

Ans : Russia.

Q : Value added tax (VAT)?

Ans : Will applay on rich and poor equally .

Q : According to the constitution of Pakistan  levying of sales tax on services is?

Ans : the responsibility of Federation ?

Q : Which tax is not collected by the Punjab excise and Taxation Department ?

Ans : Agriculture.

Q : Who take oath from Governor.?

Ans : Chief Justice of high court.

Q : The burearatic hierarchy of excise & Taxation Department , Punjab is headed by ?

Ans : Secretary excise & Taxation , Punjab.

Q : Another name for vitamin C is?

 Ans:  Ascorbic acid.

Q : Gun powder is ?

Ans : Mixture.

Q : The planet nearest to the Sun is ?

Ans : Mercury.

Q : The main constituent of Sui Gas is ?

Ans : Methane.

Q : The most famous genetic disease that is associated with Queen Victoria and Circulated among European royalty was circulated among European royalty was ?

Ans : Hemophilia.

Q : Hepatitis C is leading cause of ?

Ans : Chronic liver disease .

Q : Whooping cough is caused by ?

Ans : Bacteria ?

Q : Fear of enclosed space is known as ?

Ans : Claustrophobia .

Q : The normal pH of blood is ?

Ans : <7.

Tic the Synonyms

Q : To introduce ideas ?

Ans : Instill .

 Q : Less than.?

Ans : Intra.

Q : To disfigure .

Ans : Deface.

Q :  To hesitate.?

Ans : Demur.

Q : A terrible , sudden accident.?

Ans : Disaster.

Q : Hide one’s light under a bushel.?

Ans :  To conceal one’s talents.

Q: Hobson’s choice ?

Ans : Giving on choice at all.

Q : what is sauce for the goose is sauce for the gander .?

Ans : Everyone regardless of  differences deserves equal treatment.

Q : To lionize a person.?

Ans : To treat a person as a celebrity.

Q : To gather orange blossoms.?

Ans : To get a bride.

Q : Keep one’s own counsel.?

Ans :  To obtain the services of a lawyer belonging to one’s own family.

Q : Who is the governor of Gilgit-Baltistan?

Ans :  Mir Ghazanfar Ali Khan.

Rio de Janeiro is one of the capital of cities .?


Capital of Australia is ?


Gaza city is in ?


Pakistan’s economy has suffered in the past due to ?

Decades of internal political disputes , A fast growing population  and costly ongoing confrontation with India.

Sardar Yaqoob Khan was the ?

President of AJK.

IMF stands for ?

International  Monetary  Fund.

Aung San Suu Kyi , the Nobel Peace Laureate under detention for past many years belong to .?


Maria Shara Pova the famous Tennis player belongs to ?

Russia .

Who is the Prime Minister of Bangladesh.?

Haseena Wajid.

Insulin is secreted by ?


Kyoto Protocol is an International Treaty for .?

Environment Problems.

Insomnia is related to.?


The Headquarters of Asian Development Bank is.?


Fossils are ?

The remains of the plants & animals in earth’s crust.

The Substance used in match sticks is.?


Iron a necessary nutrient for body is abundantly found.?

Green Vegetables.

The Atmosphere has  the highest percentage of ?


Meteorology is the science of ?


When two objects , a stone and a paper are dropped simultaneously in an evacuated glass tube.?

Both the paper and the stone will touch the bottom simultaneously .

It is difficult to cook on mountains because of ?

Low atmospheric pressure.

When common salt is mixed with ice, the freezing point.?

Is lowered.

Find Similar in meaning

Amiable ?


Dubious ?


Audacity ?

Courage .

Apparel ?

Clothes .

He is interested —— stamp collection ?


The boat sailed —– the bridge.?


He used to live —- comfort.?


He went —- the direction of the post office.?


She felt —- when she went on stage.?


We must respect the views of our —- in this matter , even though we can not agree with them.?

Opponents .

Square foot is equal to ?

144 Square inches.

Calculate the perimeter of rhomus with each side equal to 6cm.?


Find the positive square root of 2025?


Which of following numbers divisible by 12?


UNO came into being?


Allama Iqbal delivered Khutba Allahbad ?

30 Dec,1930.

When OIC was founded?


Sir John Simon was the member of ?

Cripps Mission .

How much earth takes in rotation?

24 hours 56 Minutes.

Which gas we exhale?

Carbon dioxide.

What is the capital of Canada?


A good substitute of meat protein is .?


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