Largest dam in the world

Largest dam in the world
Largest dam in the world

Largest dam in the world

This article contains complete information about  Largest dam in the world. During

the past man has been construction dams for many aims,  whether it was to avert  floods,

produce power and generate a water source for lands . Starting thousands of years ago in the

middle east as small barriers, today dams are vastly vast power generation facilities that

accomplish a number of tasks and take years to build.So, whether you distinguish the influence

of these architectural miracles have had on your life or not, these are the list of Largest dam in the

world  and  comprehensive  information about  Largest dam in the world.


Largest dam in the world

Name of Dams Capacity Place Year finished
New Cornelia Tailing Dam 209,026    Ten mile wash Arizona 1973
Tarbela Dam 151,720    Indus River Rawalpindi, Pakistan 1976
Fort Peck Dam 96049    Missouri Montana  1937
Lower Usuma Dam 93000    Usuma ,Nigeria 1990
Ataturk 84500    Euphrates , Turkey 1990
Yacyreta Dam Apipee 81000   Corrientes Province Argentina 1998
Guri 78000   Caroni Venezuela 1986
Rogun 75500   Vakhsh River Tajikistan 1985
Oahe 70339   Missouri South Dakota 1958
Mangla Dam 65651    Jehlum River Pakistan 1967
Gardiner 65440   South Saskatchewan 1968
Afsluitdijk 63400   Zuider Zee, Netherlands 1932
Oroville 59639   Feather California 1968
San Luis 59405   San Luis California 1967
Nurek 58000   Vakfish  Tajikistan 1980
Garroson 50843   Missouri North Dakota 1956
Cochiti 48052   Grande New Mexico 1975
Tabqua 46000   Euphrates Syria 1976
W.A.C Bennet 43733   Peace Canada 1967
Tucurui 43000   Tocantins Brazil 1984
Aswan 43000   Nile Egypt 1970
Kiew 42841   Dnieper Ukraine 1964
Dantiwada 41040   Banas India 1965
Saratov Dam 40400   Volga Russia 1967
Mission Tailings Dam 40088   Twin Buttes Arizona 1973


Few more information about Tarbela Dam which is Largest dam in the world.

Tarbela Dam

Largest dam in the world
Largest dam in the world


Tarbela Dam world’s largest occupied dam on  one of the world’s major  rivers,

Indus ,103 Kilo meter from Rawalpindi . The dam was finalized in 1976 at a  price

of eighteen billion and More than 15 thousands  Pakistani  and eight hundred imported

worker  and engineers operated


Throughout the construction. It is the largest hydropower plant in Pakistan , capable of

producing 3478 megawatt of  electricity . Its pool is 97 kilo meter lengthy and has a deepness

of 173 meters, While the total area of the lake is 297 kilo meter. You can also read complete

article about

Dams in Pakistan


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