Islamiat MCQS for jobs test

Islamiat MCQS

Islamiat MCQS

Islamiat MCQS

These Islamiat MCQS    are contains on following topic Quran ,

Hadith , Prophet’s Muhammad SAW life  , history of Islam , Islamic  war ,

Islamic knowledge , Shaba’s life ,Islam beliefs and all other Islamic topics .

Quiz instruction :

These Islamiat  MCQS are online, like mock test, 

first MCQS file automatically will start  , every time

This will refresh . Each MCQS contains 15 Quiz per page .

after finishing your MCQS you can check your score .


Islamiat mcqs

islamiat mcqs

Note : you can read following islamiat Short Q & A. on slamiat MCQS

Q : How many other sons did prophet Ya’qub have in addition to Prophet Yusuf ?

ans : 11 . 

Q : How many Asma Al Husna are mentioned in the last two verses of Sura Al-Hashr?

ans : 11.

Q :Which important event , mentioned in the Quran occurred one year before Hijrah in Makkah?

ans :Hunain.

Q : How old was the Prophet(P.B.U.H) when his Mother(ra) died?

ans :6 Years.

Q : Which ayat of the Quran confirms the Islamic Religion as the complete religion?

ans : Al-maidah ,ayat no 3.

Q  : In which battle was the Prophet’s (P.B.U.M) uncle Hazrat Hamza (ra) killed?

 ans :Uhud.

Q : What major event took place in the 2nd Hijrah year in the month of Ramadan?

ans :Battle of Badr.

Q : Who was called the Sword of Allah?.

ans :Hazrat Khalid bin walled.

Q :  Who amongst the mothers of the believers was nicknamed Umm Ul-Masakeen?

ans  : Zainab Bint Khuzaimah (ra).

Q : Who was called Tahirah (Pure) among the mothers of the believers (ra)?

ans : Khadija (ra).

Q : Who built Qaba (the house of Allah).

ans : Prophet Abraham (p.b.u.m).

Q : Which is first mosque of islam whose foundation Prophet Muhammad (p.b.u.m) laid?

ans : Mosque Al Quba.

Q : How many chapters and verses are there in holy Quran?.

ans : 114 Chapters and 6666 Verses.

Q : The first Surah in the Holy Quran ?.

ans :Sura All-Fateha.

Q : The Total Number of Makki Surahs are?.

ans : 86.

Q :The number of Prophets whose names are mentioned in the holy Quran is?

ans :25.

Q : The name of Sixth Kalima is?.

ans :Kalima Radd-kufar.

Q : Kitab-ul-Kharag a book of fiqh was written by.?

ans : Imam Abu Yousaf.

Q : The treaty of Hudabia was signed in?.

ans : 6th Hijra.

Q : Who was commander of infidels in the battle of Uhd?

ans : Abu Sufyan.

Q : Shaban is — month of Islamic year?

ans :Eight  .


Q : How many years did the holy Prophet (P.BU.H) spend under guardianship of his grandfather?

ans : 2 Years.

Q : In which Hijrah year was the Khyber conquered ?

 ans : 7 A.H.

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