job interview questions and answers

This post contains interview questions and answers in different jobs interviews

like PPSC ,NTS and other Competitive exams.


job interview questions and answers

job interview questions and answers


job interview questions and answers

Question: Where dasht river flow?

Ans :Dasht river flows in Balochistan


Question: What is cyclone?

Ans : A Cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally towards centre of low pressure.


Question: Why los angles is famous?

Ans :Los angels is favorite  place for film production because it is situated in a place of picturesque beauty .


Q :What is doldrums ?


ans : This is equatorial low pressure zone.


Q : What is radio carbon dating process ?

ans :Radio carbon dating process is used to find age of fossils .


Q : What is unit of of distance ?

ans :Light year of is a unit of distance.


Q : Where Jaffna is situated ?

ans :In Sri Lanka.


Q : What is Jupitar ?

ans : Jupitar is planet with maximum number of moons.


Q : Where Pine tress are grown?

ans :Pine tress are grown in coniferous forests.


Q : What is function of back soil?

ans :Back soil is best suited, for cultivation of cotton.


Q : Why Kimberley is famous ?

ans : Kimberley is famous for Diamonds.


Q : Where is Kashgar ?

ans : Kashgar is in China.


Q : Which s greatest producer of manganese in world?

ans : Russia is greates producer of manganese in world.


Q : What is Olso?

ans  : Olso is capital of Norway.


Q : To which countries Khunjrab pass connect ?

ans : Khunjrab pass connects Pakistan with China .


What is Baht?

Baht is currency of Thailand.


What is taka ?

Take is currency of Bangladesh.


Why agra is famous ?

Agra is famous for taj Mahal.


Here is yellow sea?

Yellow sea is near china.


How much part of earth , surface is covered with water ?

The part of earth’s surface is covered with water approximately 2/3%.


Where proposed kala Bagh dam is located?

Kala Bagh dam is located on Indus.


When Russia invaded on Afghanistan.?

1979 Russia invaded Afghanistan .


Which is larges sea in world?

South china  is largest sea in world.


Which country is biggest producer of tea in world?

China is biggest producer of tea in world.


What is contour bounding ?

Contour bounding is used to prevent erosion in hilly areas.


What is capital of Poland?

Warsaw is capital of Poland.


Where white house located?

White house is situated in USA.


When days and nights are of equal duration?

Days and nights are of equal duration when sun’s rays are vertical on equator.


Where is lsland of Diego Garcia?

The islands of Diego Garcia in Indian ocean belongs to Mauritius .


What is Redcliff?

Radcliff line is b/w Pakistan and India.


What is longitudes?

Longitude is line from north to south pole.


What are quatorial resions?

Equatorial regions are fegions of permanent low pressure.


When high tides occur?

High tides occur when the sun and moon are in a straight line of opposite sides of earth .


Which country is biggest gold prouder?

China  .


Where citrus fruits are abundantly grown.?

In Mediterranean region.


What is Copenhagen?

Capital of Denmark.


Which planet is nearest to earth.?



Largest producer of diamonds?



When temperature decreased ?

Temperature decreases as height increases.


Which country is biggest producer of peanut?



Where Kanpur dam is located?

Kanpur dam is located on hero river.


What may cause rise in temperature ?

Cutting of forest.


What is port of stanely.?

Port of stanely is capital of Faklland islands.


On which river Rawal Dam is located?

On Koran river.


Where is Tanda dam?

Tanda dam is on Kohat toee.


Which country has largest area under cultivation ?

India .


Which is capital of Uganda?

Kampla is capital of Uganda.


Which are longest rivers in world?

Amazon, Nile, Missouri and Mississippi .


Which are coldest months in Australia ?

June and July.


Where Gomal dam is ?

On Gomal river.


What is aral sea?

A land locked sea.


Where Volga flows?

Volga flows into Caspian sea.


Where is Aswan ?

In Egypt.


Where Mirani dam is?

On river Dashat .


Why stars are not visible in days time?

Because sun’s brightness .


Where attock Refinery is located?

Attock refinery is located at mograh Rawalpindi.


Name border line b/w Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Durand line.


Why Ghana is famous?

Ghana is biggest producer of Cocoa.


In which countries McMahon line is ?

b/w India and China.


What is longest day Hemisphere?



How cam someone make longest river journey?

If someone wants to make  a longest river journey he can do so in nile.


Which is biggest desert in world?

Sahara desert.


Which is 2nd biggest continent.?



What is archipelago?

A group of inter-connected islands is called archipelago.


To which himalays mountains belongs to?

The himalays mountains belongs to fold mountains.


What is shape of earth?
Oblate spheroid.


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