What is HTML


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this is first html basic tutorial   .


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Basic HTML Tags

What is HTML

what is html


what is HTML

Html stand for hypertext markup language. It is language which is used to create web page. Markup mean this language tell the browser how to display simple text document in different format like heading, paragraph , list ,link and other formats. HTML was developed by Tim Berners Lee in 1991 , to share Document between researchers .   in html we use tag to define HTML document.


What is HTML Tags?

html tags are keywords which are written in angles brackets (less than and Greater than <>). Every tag has a start tag and Close tag. For example

<h1> First heading </h1>

here <h1> is start tag and </h1> end tag.

We close a tag with slash (/).

Basic syntax of tag:

<start tag name> Content</end tag name>

Simple HTML Page:

<!DOCTYPE html>


<title>This is my first web page</title>



<h1>This is my first heading in HTML</h1>

<p>This is my first Paragraph in HTML</p>




This is very simple HTML Page. Now I will briefly explain it.

<!DOCTYPE html>:


This is use by browser to understand current version of html , which is HTML5.


This is main HTML tag, in which we define whole html document.

<head> :

In head portion of html , we define meta data . what is meta data ? Data about data is called meta data .   In meta data we define meta keyword , meta description , title , css code and javascript code.

<title> : title tag is use to define title of document.


Body tag is an other very important HTML tag , in body tag we define visible content of web page.

 How to write HTML?

to write html  you can use professional HTML text editor

1st Dreamweaver.

2nd Sublime text .

3rd note pad ++.

Or you can use simple window note pad ,as beginner simple note pad is best for practice.

Just follow step to write html code  by using simple window note pad.

1st step

Click on start menu . write note pad in search box , note pad icon will be appear , click on it to open it.

2nd step 

after opening note pad write above code into notepad.

what is html

what is html

3rd step

Save HTML document.  Select file tab from notepad menu. Click on Save As or you  can use short cut key (ctr+s) to save document. A dialog box will appear , enter your page name and save it  with .html extension .

In my case I’m saving it with this name .


what is html

what is html

what is htmlRemember : always save html page with  .html (dot html ) extension .

How to run HTML?

After saving html document , now open with any browser which is installed in your computer.  You will see screen like that.

how to run html

how to run html

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