how to insert image in html

how to insert image in html

There are many reasons why you might want to add an image to a web page,

you want to include a logo, pictures , diagram , or chat because

a pictures can say thousands of words , today our tutorials is  how to insert image in html

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how to insert image in html
how to insert image in html

how to insert image in html

to add image in webpage   use <img> tag  . <img> is an empty tag , which means that , it has no closing tag . <img> tag has two attributes



src attribute tells browser  image file path.   In src attribute you specify image’s name and its type , make sure your page and image are in same folder or directory , if they are in different folder or directory , then you need to specify the complete path of image. you can use any type of image like PNG, GIF and JPEG .  Remember image name is case sensitive


img alt :

img alt attribute is optional  in <img> element  , which specify alternative text for image , if image can’t   display properly .  always use alt text in image because Google’s crawler can’t read or recognize image , they can only read or recognize image by alt text.


Title :

You can use title attribute to provide title of image  .

ax :


html code to insert image


In above example code, image Name is Quid e Azam and its type is .jpg (you can check image type from image’s properties and alternative text is Quid e Azam , if image for some reason will  not display , alt text will be display.

Height and Width of image

Height and width attribute are use to define size of image according to  your requirements . you can define height and width in pixel or percentage  .




html code to insert image

Now image will be display in 300×300 pixels on screen.

Image border :

You can specify image border  by using image border attribute .A thick line will be around the image.

Syntax :

complete html code to insert image


Image alignment

By default  when you insert image , image are display on left side of the web page page , if you  want to display in  page’s center or right  , you use align attribute to set it spot .


Summary :

<img> tag is used to add images to web page.

src attribute is used to indicate source of an image and alt attribute is used for alternative text .

weight and width attribute are used to define size of image.

Border attribute is used to define border of image.

Align attribute is used to set the alignment of image.


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