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General knowledge

General knowledge quiz

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Q :Longest River is?

ans :Nile

Q : Biggest Desert of World is ?

ans :Sahara

Q : One horse power is equal to ?

ans :746 Watts

Q :Light year is a unit of ?

ans :Distance

Q : Land of Thousands  lakes.?

Ans: Finland.

Q : Land of Thunder bolt.?

Ans:  Bhutan.

Q : Land of white Elephants.?

Ans: Thailand.

Q: Land of snow.?

Ans : Canada.

Q : Little Venice?

Ans : Venezuela.

Q : Pearl of Antilles ?

Ans : Cuba.

Q : Playground of Europe.?

Ans : Switzerland.

Q : West Indies?.

Ans : St kitts.

Q : Pearl of the Pacific.?

Ans: Guayaquil Por.

Q : Powder keg of Europe.?

Ans: Balkan.

Q : The Promised land?

Ans :  Canaan.

Q : Quaker city?

Ans : Philadelphia.

Q : Cusec is  a unit of?

ans :Water Flow

Q :City which is also known as the city of Canals is?

ans :Venice

Q :The largest ocean of the world is?

ans :The Pacific Oncean

Q :UNO was founded in the year?

anss: 1945

Q : The Capital of Argentina is?

Ans :Buenos Aires

Q  : Boxing day is celebrated in Australia on?

ans  :December 26 .

Q : Currency Unit of Indonesia is?


Cathy Pacific is the national airline of?

ans  :Hong Kong .

Q : Largest island of the world is ?

ans : Greenland.

Q : Old man and sea is written by ?

ans :Ernest Hemingway .

Q : Spain Literally means.?

ans : Land of rabbits .

Q : Only country within country is.?

ans : Vatican City’.

Q  : Who wrote Hamlet.?

ans : Milton.

Q : Who wrote Paradise lost.?

ans : Milton.

Q : Which city is located in two continents ?

ans : Istanbul.

Q : ATM stand for.?

ans : Automatic  Time  Machine.

Q : Shakespeare belongs to the.?

ans : 16TH century England.

Q :Lionel Messi is a famous?.

ans :Footballer .

Q : UK is abbreviation of.?

ans :Unitted Kingdom.

Q :Nairobi is capital of ?

ans : Kenya.

Q : Riyal is currency of ?

ans : Saudi Arabia.

Q : The headquarter of IMF is located in?.

ans :Washington D.C.

Q : The Capital of Saudia Arabia

ans : Riyadh.

Q : Key to the Mediterranean.

Ans : Gibraltar.

Q : Land of milk and honey?

Ans : Lebnon.

Q : Land of Cakes?

Ans : Scotland.

Q : Land of flying fish ?

Ans : Barbados.

Q : Land of Golden fleece.

Ans : Australia.

Q : Land of the Golden.

Ans : Myanmar

Q : Pagoda.?

Ans :.Burma.

Q : Land of humming bird.?

Ans : Australia .

Q : Land of Kangaroos.?

Ans : Australia.

Q : Land of Lilies.

Ans: Canada.

Q : Land of midnight sun.?

Ans. Norway.

Q : Land of morning Sun.?

Ans : Korea.

Q : Land of Rising sun.?

ans  : Japan.

Q : The famous red fort situated in the indian city of ?

ans :New Delhi.

Q  :European union consists of?.

ans : 28 Members.

Q  : KGB was the national security agency of.?

ans : Soviet Union.

Q : INSA is news agency of .?

ans : Iran.

Q :  IMF  stands for

Ans : International Monetary Fund.

Q : GDP stands for ?

Ans : Gross Domestic Product.

Q : The world’s most populas is city is?

Ans : Tokyo.

Q : Wimbledon Tennis Grounds are in ?

Ans : England .

Q :The Muslim country with largest population is ?

 Ans : Indonesia .

General knowledge Question and Answer.

Q : Bill gates is the founder of ?

Ans : Microsoft.

Q : Fiscal year is from?.

Ans : June 1 to june 30.

Q : Headquarter of world bank in ?

Ans :  Washington DC.

Q: what is number of number countries of the common wealth?

ANS : 52

Q   : when was OIC established ?

Ans  : 1969.

Q: where is headquarter of SAARC?

Ans : Kathmandu.

Q :who wrote the origin of species?

Ans : Darwin.

Q : where is largest and the biggest wall situated ?

Ans: China.

Q : how many are states of USA?

Ans : 52.

Q : Which are two seas that suez canal connects?

Ans : Mediterranean and red sea.

Q : how many are countries in the European union?

Ans : 28.

Q : when was world trade organization formed?

Ans : 1990.

Q : which state of USA Barack Obama Comes from?

Ans: Illinois.

Q : which contrary does Aung Sun Su kayi come from?

Ans: Myanmar.

Q :  who authored Friends not Masters?

Ans : Ayub Khan.

Q : who holds the world record of maximum runs in test cricket

ans :  Sachin Tendulkar.

Q : which city hosted olympic 2000?

Ans : Sydney.

Q :Who discovered penicillin?

Ans :  Alexander Fleming

Q : who wrote A Brief History of Time

Ans : Stephen Hawking.

Q : what is rotaion period of earth?

Ans  : 24 hours, 56 miniutes and 4 seconds.

Q :  Britain of the south ?

 Ans : New Zealand.

Q : The battle field of Europe?

Ans : Belgium.

Q : city of golden gat?

Ans : san Francisco.

Q : City of Magnificent Distances ?

ans :Washington DC.

Q : city of popes?

Ans :  Rome.

Q : Queen of the Arabian sea?.

Ans : Kochi.

Q : Queen of the Adriatic.?

Ans : Venice.

Q : Eternal city.?

Ans : Rome.

Q: Forbidden city Garden of England.?

Ans : Lhasa Kent .

Q : Gage of Tears.?

Ans : Bab el mandad.

Q : Granite city.?

Ans : Aberdeen.

Q : City of Seven Hills.?

Ans : Rome.

Q : City of Skyscrapers ?

Ans : New York.

Q : Cockpit of Europe ?

Ans : Belgium.

Q : Emerald Island?

Ans :  Ireland.

Q : Empire city?

Ans : New York.

Island of Pearls.?

Ans:  Bahrian.

Q : The isle of Spring ?

Ans : Jamica.

General knowledge Question and answer form PPSC Past Papers

Q : The first European country to ratify the European union constitution was?

Ans : Lithuania .

Q: Sir Creek issue b/w Pakistan and India is related to ?

Ans:  Delimitation of a maritime boundary.

Q : Which country’s parliament has the largest membership :

Ans : China.

Q : M “15” is the security intelligence agency of ?

Ans : UK.

 Q : Sun rises in the east and sets in west clue to the ?

Ans : Rotation of the earth on its axis.

Q : J.K Rowiings’s famous Character Harry Potter is associated with?

Ans : Wizardry.

Q : The capital of Somalia is ?

Ans : Mokahdish.

Q: European court of justice is based in?

Ans : Luxembourg.

Q : The World’s largest producer of tea is?

Ans : China.

Q :  The tower of London is on the river?

Ans : Thames.

Q : What is the effect of deficit financing on economy?

Ans :  Inflation.

Q : The world’s first women prime minister of a country was.?

Ans : Sriamavo Bandaranaike (Sri Lanks..).

Q : Kyat is the currency of?

Ans : Myanmar.

Q : Nizam ud Din Alyiya Tomb is in?

Ans : Delhi.

Q: Day and night are equal at the .?

Ans : Equator .

Q : The playground for playing Baseball is called?

Ans : Diamond.

Q : The highest average age(male ) is in?

Ans : Japan.

Q : Most lettered country in South Asia.?

Ans : Sri Lanka.

Q : The strength of federal shariat court in Pakistan is?

Ans : Eight Judges.

Q : The world’s largest computer software industrial center is ?

Ans :  Bangalore.

Q : Sep 8, every year is observed throughout the world as ?

Ans : International Literacy Day.

Q : Which of following straits is called the gate of Tears /?

Ans :  Strait of Babel Mandeb.

Q : The middle east news agency (Mena) is of ?

Ans : Egypt.

Q : Cathay Pacific is an airlines of ?

Ans :

Q : The world’s largest salt water lake is ?

Ans : Caspian Sea.

Q : Genoa is the seaport of?

Ans : Italy.

Q : Dragon is the national Symbol of ?

Ans : China.

Q : Which is the most ancient civilization of the world.?

Ans : Egyptian.

Q : West Indies consists of almost ?

Ans : 2000 Islands.

Q : The first space shuttle launched by United states on April 12, 1981 was?

Ans : Columbia.

Q : Which towns of Baluchistan is located nearest to Iran’s border.?

Ans :  Nok Kundi.

Q : The largest number of women nominated for Noble Peace Prize 2005, are from.?

Ans : America.

Q : The secretary General of SAARC belongs to ?

Ans : Pakistan.

Q :Australia is discovered by ?

Ans : Captain Coak.

Q : The Folketing name of parliament of?

Ans : Denmark.

Q : The world’s oldest University is?

Ans : Al-Azhar University (Cairo).

Q : Who Invented Mobile Phone.?

Ans : Marty Cooper.

Q: Vasco da Gama was a ?

Ans : Portuguese explorer .

Q : Africal’s largest island Madagascar is located in the ?

Ans : Indian Ocean.

Q : Which continents has no desert?

Ans : Europe.

Q : K2 was firs scalled in?

Ans : 18 July 1955.

Q : Bay of Biscay is situated b/w ?

Ans : France and Spain.

Q : The world’s smallest state by area is ?

Ans : Vatican City .

Q : Heathrow international Airport is in ?

Ans : London.

Q : Who was first to K2?

Ans : Achlle Compagnoni and Lino Locodelli.

Q :Which city is the oldest in habited capital in world.?

Ans : Damascus .

Q : Temple Trees is an official residence of the?

Ans : Prime Minister of Sri Lanka.

Q : The famous oil painting Mona lisa is the creation of ?

Ans : Leonardo da Vinci.

Q : Tranworld Airways is an airlines of ?

Ans : USA.

Q : Which of country’s parliament is called Crotes?

Ans : Spain.

Q : Which is not member of EEC?

Ans : Australia.

Q : Louvre art gallery is in ?

Ans : France.

Q :  Santiago is the capital of ?

Ans :

Q : Which county is situated below sea level?

Ans : Netherlands .

Q : The earth’s rotation on its axis is from?

Ans : Greece.

Q : Green Vegetables are a good source of ?

Ans : Minerals and Vitamins.

Q : Darwin is seaport of —??

Ans : Australia .

Q : The world’s largest producer of silk is —>?

Ans : China.

Q : What is Jingoism?

Ans : Extreme nationalism and Patriotism.

Q : 49th Parallel is a boundary line b/w?

Ans : USA and Canada.

Q   : Interfax is a news agency of ?

Ans : Russia.

Q : Digital computer was inventing by ?

Ans : John Harrison.

Q : The world’s famous Madame Tussaud’s museum is situated in ?

Ans : London.

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