General Knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan

General knowledge  about Pakistan,

these MCQS are contains on following topics,

Rivers of Pakistan, Dams of Pakistan , mountains ranges , Desert in Pakistan ,  Glaciers , Canals , Geography of Pakistan, biggest and largest things in Pakistan, pakistan exports ,pakistan language, pakistan economy, current affairs of pakistn and other important topics of Pakistan General knowledge .

This Post Contains two types of MCQS online mock test and short Question & answer about  general knowledge  about pakistan.

General Knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge  about Pakistan

I have prepared these MCQS “General Knowledge about Pakistan” which are  important to prepare Competitive exams like NTS, OTS, PPSC ,UTS and other competitive exams .

Short Q & A :

Q :Pakistan is located in the Tropic zone of?

ans :North

Q : The country situated in west of Pakistan.?

ans: Iran.

Q : Pakistan Became member of united nation on.?

ans :September 30 , 1947

Q : Indicate higher civil  award among the following?.

ans : Nishan e Pakistan.

Q  :Border Separating Pakistan and Afghanistan is known as?.

ans : Durad line.

Q : National Flower of Pakistan is?.

ans  : Jasmine.

Q : National Animal of Pakistan is?.

ans : Markhor.

Q : how many amendments have been made in constitution of Pakistan?

ans : 20 .

Q : How many tribal agencies are in Federally administered tribal areas (FATA)?

ans  : 7.

Q  : What is term of office of the auditor General of Pakistan?

ans  : 4.

Q : Pakistan shares longest border with?.

ans : Afghanistan.

Q : Second highest mountain of Pakistan is ?

ans : Nanga Parbat.

Q :  Pakistan joined the united nations in ?

Ans :  1947.

Q : The famous Khyber pass links Peshawar with ?

Ans : Kabul.

Q : Which city is famous for handicrafts and glazed pottery?

Ans : Multan.

Q    : Pakistan has a coastline of ?.

Ans : 1046 KM.

Q : Gomal University is in ?

Ans : Dera Ismial Khan.

Q  : Durand line is the boundary b/w Pakistan?

Ans : Afhanistan.

Q : The largest industry of Pakistan is?

Ans : Cotton textile.

Q : The total number of Seats in the senate of Pakistan is?

Ans : 104.

Q : Pakistan estimated population in 2012 is?

Ans : 180 million.

Q : Inflation means?.

Ans : increase in overall prices.

Q : Per capita income means?

Ans : Average income of a country.

Q : Pakistan’s largest food crop is?

Ans : Rice.

Q : Pakistan’s total area under cultivation is ?

Ans : 25%.

Q : In Pakistan sale of cigarettes is prohibited to persons under age of ?

Ans : 18.

Q :Major export of pakistan is?

Ans : cotton

Q : famous muslim saint baba farid gang Shakr is burried at? 

Ans : Pakpatan.

Q :The biggest barrage in Pakistan is?

Ans  : Shukar Barrage.

Q : who was first chief justice of Pakistan?

Ans  : mian abdul Rashid.

Q : what was the profession of Mohtrma fatima Jinnah?

Ans : Dentist.

Q : indus water treaty was signed during the regime of ?

Ans : ayub khan.

Q : Which country is located in the north of Pakistan.?

 Ans : China.

Q : kala bagh is in?

 Ans : Punjab.

Q : Which of  the following provinces of Afaginstatan  is not situated adjacent to Durand line?

Ans : Herat.

Q : The first European country to ratify the European union constitution was?

Ans : Lithuania .

Q: Sir Creek issue b/w Pakistan and India is related to ?

Ans:  Delimitation of a maritime boundary.

Q : Which country’s parliament has the largest membership :

Ans : China.

Q : M “15” is the security intelligence agency of ?

Ans : UK.

 Q : Sun rises in the east and sets in west clue to the ?

Ans : Rotation of the earth on its axis.

Q : J.K Rowiings’s famous Character Harry Potter is associated with?

Ans : Wizardry.

Q : The capital of Somalia is ?

Ans : Mokahdish.

Q: European court of justice is based in?

Ans : Luxembourg.

Q : The World’s largest producer of tea is?

Ans : China.

Q : Uranium is extracted in Pakistan from?

Ans : Dara Gazi Khan.

Q : Which is oldest barrage in Pakistan.?

Ans : Sukkur.

Q : Pakistan’s largest gas fired power plant is?

Ans : Uch power plant.

Q : Bala Hissar is situated at?

Ans : Peshawar.

Q: Miran shah is the main town of?

Ans : North Waziristan .

Q : Mir Sadiq armed the defeat of ?

Ans : Tipu Sultan.

Q : Kara Kum desert is in he central Asian state of ?

Ans : Turkmenistan.

Q : What is name of Muhammad Bin Qasim.?

Ans : Ammad ud Din.

Q: Which dynasty comes first in sequence ?

Ans : Khilji.

Q : Which of Sufi saints belong to Chistia order?

Ans : Hazrat Farid ud Din Gang Shkar.

Q: which part of Pakistan has lowest urban population ?

Ans : FATA.

Q : Punjnad  headworks has been constructed on river?

Ans : Ravi.

Q : Deosaii  National Park is in?

Ans : Skurdu and Sastore.

Q : NEPRA stands for ?

Ans : National Electric Power Regulatory.

Q : Liaquat Nehru pact 1950 was mainly related to ?

Ans : Minorities and refugees  Problem.

Q : The world’s famous shrine of Hazrat Bari Imam is located at?

Ans : Islamabad.

Q : Zardak is highest peak of ?

Ans : Kirthar range.

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