Dams in Pakistan

Dams in Pakistan

In this article you are going to read important information about Dams in Pakistan , which is very important to prepare competitive exams , because different Questions asked  related to Dams in PPSC ,OTS ,UTS , NTS and other completive exams  .

Dams In Pakistan

Tarbela Dam

Tarbela Dam
Tarbela Dam

Tarbela Dam is world largest earth filled dam on one of world’s most important rivers Indus is 103 km from Rawalpindi .  Tarbela dam was completed in 1976 at a cost of RS 18.5 billion. To completed this Tarbela dam over 15,000 pakistani and 800 foreign workers and engineers worked .  it is biggest hyder power station in Pakistan . it has capacity to generate  3,478 MW of electricity.

Its reservoir is 97km long with a depth of 137 meters while area of the lake is 260 sq.km.

Mangla Dam:

Mangla  dam was completed in 1969 . Mangla dam is located near Mirpur city (Azad Kashmir) . it is built on Jehlum river. Its storage capacity is 4.956 million acre ft. Mangla dam has capacity to generate 1000 MW of electricity .

Raval Dam:

Raval Dam completed in 1962 . It is located 9miles from Rawalpindi on river Korang. rawal dam has storage capicty of 50 thousands acre feet.

Tanda Dam:

Tanda dam  is located 6miles from kohat city on kohat river at Tanda Banda . its storage capicy is 2,000 cusecs.

Kkhanpur Dam:

Khanpur dam was completed in 1984 .  Kkhanpur Dam is located on river haro.  Its storage capicy is 1,06,000.

Soan Dam:

Soan Dam is located on river soan about 6miles away from Rawalpindi . its storage capacity is 3,20,000acre feet.

The Cherah Dam:

Another dam has been built on river Cherah village has been built. It irrigates about 214000

Acre lands of lasbela dist.

Misriot Dam.

Misriot dam is located 12 km south west of Rawalpindi. This small dam has an non-natural lake with boating and fishing facilities  .  Fishing permit may be obtained from fishing guard at misriot . it has a pleasant landscape .

Tanaza Dam.

It is a small dam located at about 35k south west of Rawalpindi on Dhmial Road. Ideal for a day trip, lake has a quite atmosphere.

Warasal Dam

The gigantic multipurpose warsak dam is situated 30kms north west of Peshawar in hart of tribal territory . it has a total generating capacity of 240000 kw and will eventually serve to irrigate  110000 acres if land.

Dohngi dam

Donngi dam is located  Gujar khan Rawalpindi.

Ghazi Brotha

Ghazi brotha dam is power generation project in Pakistan. It diverts water of Indus river into a 52km concrete lined channel, which is fed to a 1450km powerhouse in brotha . a barrage is built downstream of tarbela .  Barrage divert water into 52km concrete lined channel and delivers it to 1450mw .

gomal zam dam

gomal zam dam is located on gomal river in south Waziristan , Khyber  pakhtunkhwa, it is situated 70km from district Tank.

It is planned to irrigate about 163000 acres if land.

kalabagh dam

kalabagh dam is a mega water reservoir that government of Pakistan is planning to develop across Indus river , one of world’s largest rivers. Proposed site for kalabagh dam is Mianwali dist of north west Punjab  province. In December 2005, General Pervez Musharraf, President of Pakistan, announced that he would definitely build dam in larger interest of paksitan.  In may  26, 2008 , Federal Minister for water and power of Pakistan, Raja Pervez Ashraf, said that kalabagh dam would not be constructed . he said dut to opposition from Khyber Pakhutnkhwa , sindh and other stakeholders. The project was no longer feasible .


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in this article you have read important information about Dams in Pakistan.

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