Top 10 Computer Science Highest Paying Jobs

Computer Science Highest Paying Jobs


Computer Science Highest Paying Jobs

Computer Science Highest Paying Jobs


In computer science, we study computer and its systems.  A computer engineer or computer scientist work with software and its system; and these can be software’s theory, software or system design and software development.  A computer scientist solves a real-world problem in the form of algorithm and then analyze these algorithms, after analyzing they implement into the form of software.  The main field of Computer science is Database Systems, Human-Computer Interaction, Artificial Intelligence, Security, Database, Networking, Programming Languages, graphics and software engineering. 

Computer science industry is growing day by day.  A beginner who wants to come in Computer science field has a lot of Question and confusion about the computer science field.

For example :

Which is the best field in computer science?

 What is computer science salary?

Is computer science in demand?

Highest paying jobs in the computer science field?

Approximately 70 to 80% of job hunters today say that salary is an important factor when considering employment choices. So in this article, we are talking about Top 10 Computer Science Highest Paying Jobs in 2019, with which you can start your career in the right  .

Computer science highest paying jobs in 2019


No1 Software Engineering Manager

The annual salary of a software engineering manager is: $132,679 USD per year.


The software engineering manager is likely to run an organization using his/her innovative procedures. Now by focusing on an impactful business and running process which would result in huge output increases. He or she is likely to manage the designs and implementations of software applications.


Now the ability set required to make your career in this field are following:

  • He / She develop and engage a team of engineers.
  • Skills to solve challenging software problems.
  • Software engineer manager should have in-depth knowledge about software engineering and hands-on experience on programming platforms.

The company who is hiring a Software Engineer Manager.

  • Amazon.
  • Oracle.
  • Microsoft.


No 2 Cloud Architect

The annual salary of Cloud Architect is: $128,805 per year.


A cloud architect now the demand for cloud computing and its expertise continues to increase chilies and will accelerate in 2019 and this will be most satisfying and more demanded cloud computing jobs in the IT field. 


A Cloud Architect should have the following skills:

  • Cloud architects need to own a large collection of technical and non-technical skills in addition to 10 years of experience in designing large and complex IT operations in a large organization is required.
  • A Cloud Architect should have strong communication skills are always desirable high-level tasks of cloud architect include planning and designing cloud environments and typically provide Guidance throughout the life of a development or deployment project.

Companies that hire cloud architects are

  • Oracle.
  • Deloitte.
  • Amazon.
  • JPMorgan, and many others.

No 3  Data Scientist

The annual salary of  Data Scientist is $128,750 USD Per Year.


Data science has produced a vast influence in today’s IT the world as a field. Data science rose to fame due to the highest levels of organized and shapeless data. A top-level data expert with wide experience in the industry can earn up to 148K $ a year.


Now to become a data scientist you need to have the following  programming skills like

  • Fighting statistical skills.
  • Machine learning and advanced machine learning such as deep learning.
  • Familiarity with big data tools and data visualization tools.
  • Recognizing unseen patterns.
  • Unknown correlations etc.


Now top companies hiring data scientists are

  • Tata Consultancy Services.
  • Facebook.
  • Google.


No4      Data Warehouse Architect

Annual salary of Data Wares hose is: $118,214 per year.


On no 4 in our list of Computer science ,Highest Paying jobs we have data warehouse architect. The Internet has brought in the data revolution, in this world of ever-growing data we need specialists that could help us build and form a bond between traditional warehousing and modern-day data handling.


Skills require for Data Warehouse Architect :

  • Data warehouse engineer is expected to have an experience of three to five years a data warehouse architect.
  • Must be technically strong and possessed knowledge about ETL, data modeling and data analysis.
  • Data Warehouse Architect must have an in-depth system and application development, knowledge to help design fault-tolerant systems.
  • They should also have a vision and great communication skills to articulate.

Now some of the company’s hiring data warehouse architect include

  • Amazon.
  • Microsoft.
  • Google.


NO 5 Enterprise Architect

Annual Salary of Enterprise Architect is: $110,224 per year.


On 5 we have an Enterprise Architect. An enterprise architect’s role is complex and very dynamic but the sole nature of this profile along with the lack of experienced. This field is quite a new experience strongly impacts salary an Enterprise Architect depending on work experience takes home between 80K to 210K $ a year. Now their job profile needs them to talk to both practical developers and business managers. An Enterprise Architect, someone who fully understands a company’s business plan and frameworks. 

The technology that is desired to support t with abilities like process knowledge, a strong foundation in IT architecture and experience in project management. Now once you are familiar as an Enterprise Architect you have a great chance of landing a job in companies such as Honey well Dell and asipi.


No 6 IOT solutions architect

Annual Salary of IOT Solution Architect is: $96,000.


On no 6 we have IOT solutions architect being so young yet extensive the salaries Offered to an IOT solutions architect. Today generally start on the higher side of 100,000K $. it needs expertise in several skills although its salary range has an annual bracket of twenty-two thousand to two hundred thousand USD.


 Now IOT architect requires following  skills like

  • Applications database.
  • Network cloud.
  • Cybersecurity and sensor architecture.


Responsibilities include:

  • Everything from IT modernization and strategies to agile and digital transformation.
  • carrying the leading edge in technology is the responsibility of IOT Architect.


The company who is hiring IOT Architect are :

  • cisco Bosch.
  • Amazon.
  • Hitachi Accenture.


NO7 DevOps Engineer

The annual salary of DevOps Engineer is: $91,251 per year.


First, let me start by telling about DevOps.  DevOps is a framework or a tool.  It is not technology.  DevOps engineer is somebody who understands the software development Lifecycle and has the complete Understanding of various automation tools for developing CI or CD pipelines. They are either developers who get concerned in positioning and network operations or strain admins who have a passion for scripting and coding and move into the development side where they can improve the planning of test and deployment some of the companies hiring DevOps engineer include IBM.


NO8  Data  Security

The annual salary of Data Security is: $90,304 per year

Now we have data security analysts.

Professional data security analysts must have the following skills :

  • Good communication skills
  • Operating Systems
  • Networking
  • Risk Management

while also having the following  knack for creative problem-solving roles and responsibilities.

  • Applying strategies to ensure networks are free of breaks and informing information to user around security policies.
  • Installing security software’s in computer or network and maintaining them.

Now data security analysts find jobs in a multitude of companies ranging from simple college institutions to government organization and even high

paying private organizations like UPS Patel CO Tech and torch technologies on.


NO 9TH Full Stack Web Developer

The annual salary of Full stack web developer is: $76,063 per year.


Number nine we have a full stack web developer. A full stack web developer must have both skills front and back-end web development. He must understand how the web works at every level including setting up and configuring Linux or Windows server. Coding server-side API’s and running the client-side of the web.

 Now some of the skills required by a full stack web developer include

  • HTML.
  • CSS.
  • JavaScript.
  • Object-oriented programming language.
  • Relational database system.

 Now some roles and responsibilities of full stack web developer include.

  • Designing and developing the user interface.
  • Develop server-side code working with system structure.
  • Understanding creating querying databases, and client coordination.

 Now companies such as Tata Consultancy, cognizant, Wipro Infosys and IBM are looking to hire full stack web.


NO 10 Project Manager

The annual salary of the project manager is: $23,583 per year.

On last in our list of Computer Science highest paying Jobs, we have a project manager. Project management is the most important tasks that Decide the success or failure of the project and the entire responsibility of managing a project exclusively lies on the shoulders of a project manager.

 Skills required to become a project manager  are the following :

  • Good communication,
  • problem-solving.
  •  negotiation and so on.
  •  Now talking about the responsibilities the list includes :
  • Planning.
  •  scheduling tasks.
  •  Sequencing.
  •  managing the budget.
  •  estimating risks.

 monitoring and reporting progress controlling quality and all of this while synchronizing their team properly now the best part about being a project manager.

 They are not industry-specific highly skilled project managers are often recruited by major brands like Microsoft Dell L’Oreal.


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