General Knowledge about Pakistan

General Knowledge about Pakistan General knowledge  about Pakistan, these MCQS are contains on following topics, Rivers of Pakistan, Dams of Pakistan , mountains ranges , Desert in Pakistan ,  Glaciers , Canals , Geography of Pakistan, biggest and largest things in Pakistan, pakistan exports ,pakistan language, pakistan economy, current affairs of pakistn and other important topics … Read moreGeneral Knowledge about Pakistan

Dams in Pakistan

kalabagh dam

In this article you are going to read important information about Dams in Pakistan , which is very important to prepare competitive exams , because different Questions asked  related to Dams in PPSC ,OTS ,UTS , NTS and other completive exams  . Dams In Pakistan Tarbela Dam Tarbela Dam is world largest earth filled dam … Read moreDams in Pakistan

Rivers of Pakistan


  This article contains all important information of Rivers of Pakistan & lakes in Pakistan  , which is important to prepare competitive exams. Please read our previous article about    Pakistan General Knowledge . Quaid e Azam allama iqbal history commonly asked interview questions   Rivers of Pakistan There are 24 rivers of Pakistan. Barhamputra … Read moreRivers of Pakistan

job interview questions and answers

job interview questions and answers

This post contains interview questions and answers in different jobs interviews like PPSC ,NTS and other Competitive exams.     job interview questions and answers Question: Where dasht river flow? Ans :Dasht river flows in Balochistan . Question: What is cyclone? Ans : A Cyclone is a system of wind in which the wind blows spirally … Read morejob interview questions and answers

allama iqbal history

allama iqbal

  DR allama Muhammad Iqbal Dr Allama Muhammad Iqbal is national poet of Pakistan .He was great leader , thinker  and Poet of Umat e Muslima  . He gave concept of Pakistan . Allama iqbal was a true muslim leader . This article contains important information about our great leader , which is important to … Read moreallama iqbal history

Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Janah


Quaid e Azam Muhammad Ali janah is founder of Pakistan,  he was a great leader , this single article can’t cover all aspect of his life . Aim of this article  to prepare  important Question and their answer which are asked in competitive exams about our great leader and founder of Pakistan . Quaid e … Read moreQuaid e Azam Muhammad Ali Janah