Basic html tags


This  section is about basic html tags , basic html tags about how display simple text in different  formatting on web.

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What is HTML


HTML Heading tag

HTML heading tag are use to give heading to document , html has 6 levels of heading . HTML heading tag display text at different sizes. H1 is largest size and H6 is smallest size . H1 is used for main heading and h2 is used for subheading .

H1 and h2  are also most important tag as SEO point of view because Google’s crawler give them more importance , so always write important text in h1 and h2 tag.




To create Paragraph , surround words that make up paragraph with a opening tag <p> and closing tag </p> .

Syntax :



Bold <b> :

To display  text in bold format   on webpage , enclose text in <b>Text </b>, text will display in bold format .


Italic <b>:

To display  text in italic format on webpage ,  enclose text <i>Text </i> , text will display in italic format .


Superscript :

Superscript tag is used to enclose characters that should be superscript such as Math concept like power on numerical value or suffix of dates .


Subscript :

Subscript tag is used to enclose char that should be subscript . this tag is mostly used to write chemical formulas .


<br> tag  : Line Break

By default browser display each new heading or paragraph on horizontal  line. But If you want to add line break between any text , you can used this tag .


<strong> html tag:

If you want to highlight any text ,you can use <strong> tag  text between <strong>text </strong>

Will display  bold.


<abbr> html tag:

If you want to add abbreviation with any text , <abbr> tag can be use for this purpose .

A title attribute in opening tag is used to specify full term .

<address> tag :

This is used to contain address information about author of page, like phone number , email  and home address.


<U> underline :

<u> tag is used to underline any text . text between <u></u> will be underline.


<del> tag:

<del> html element  is used to show that text has been deleted . text b/w <del></del> will show as it is deleted.


<s> html tag :

This tag indicate something that is no longer relevant  but not deleted.



Complete HTML code :


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